“Will We Recognize Each Other In Heaven?”

“Will We Recognize Each Other In Heaven?”

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself the question, “Will I be able to recognize my wife, my children and grandchildren in Heaven”? Will I recognize my father and my mother and other relatives? Have you ever really thought about that? Well, I truly believe that we will recognize our spouses, children, other relatives, friends and others in Heaven. First, we must realize that earth is earth and Heaven is Heaven. Earth is not Heaven and Heaven is not earth. The rules of existence are different in Heaven than they are here on earth. Major change and major transformation must take place in us before we inhabit Heaven. Paul states this fact in 1 Corinthians 15:50 (please read) and Jesus also states this in Matthew 22:23-30 (please read). Both Matthew and Luke recorded an event called “the transfiguration” that clearly reveals to us that we will recognize each other in Heaven. Read Matthew 17:1-9 and Luke 9:27-36. Notice Peter recognized Elijah and Moses immediately even though he had never seen them. This is how it will be in eternity! We will not only recognize those we’ve known on earth, but we will also be able to recognize those we’ve never known on earth! When we get to Heaven we won’t have to ask, “who are you?”, because we will recognize one another. We are still in our natural bodies now, here on this earth, which get older and weaker day by day, but I believe we’re heading towards the day we will receive a new gloriously transformed Heavenly body! I truly believe that day is quickly coming, the Day of the Resurrection and The Rapture”, then all partial knowledge will be done away with and we will know as we are known! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Forever Following Jesus,

Gary Pittman, Founder and Sr. Pastor


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