“The Danger of False Loyalty”

“The Danger of False Loyalty”

People for thousands of years have been deceived and placed in bondage by a thing called “False Loyalty”! God’s people who live with false loyalty are those who continue to religiously remain connected to a religious system that either God has never been in or that God has moved on from to another level, and they still remain satisfied to be committed to an empty religious system based on the traditions of men. Very simply, false loyalty is bondage to the traditions of men! Jesus spoke about a situation in Matthew 15:1-9 (please read). We’re not talking about the tradition (or the handing down or the teaching) of the commandments of God (or the Word of God). False loyalty is bondage to the teaching as doctrine the commandments of men, see verse 8-9 of Matthew 15. This produced the systems or denominations created by man, not by God! Yes, people still suffer from false loyalty to these systems or denominations even today! Many of God’s people have been deceived by these traditions of men. The Apostle Paul warned us of this in Ephesians 4:14 (please read). Man’s effort to organize religious systems based on tradition is called denominationalism! There is no excuse for the person who has The Bible right there in front of them to remain in the bondage of false loyalty! King David spoke of this in Psalms 127:1 (please read). The prophet Isaiah described the release for false loyalty in Isaiah 43:18-21 (please read). Yes, even today the Lord is going to do a new thing which will enable us to declare and show forth His Praise! “Watch for it, saith the Lord!”

Forever Following Jesus,

Gary Pittman, Sr Pastor


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