“Praying or Begging”

“Praying or Begging”

In Matthew 6 and in Luke 11, the disciples of Jesus said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray”, and Jesus gave them “The Lord’s Prayer” which taught them what to pray. In Mark 11:22-24 Jesus taught them how to pray and He began by saying, “have faith in God”. Think about it, having faith in God is expectation! We are expecting and believing God to do what He said He will do, that’s faith! What are we expecting God to do? To fulfill, accomplish or manifest the promises written to us in the Bible and the promises spoken to us personally or prophetically. The Lord wants us to expect them to believe them by confessing them or declaring them and then He wants us to receive them! In Mark 11:22-24 Jesus taught His disciples three important principles concerning prayer, expectation, declaration and then manifestation. Most of us understand what expectation means and most understand what manifestation means, but what about the word declaration? Webster’s Dictionary says “declaration” is a positive, explicit or formal statement. To declare is to make known clearly in explicit or formal terms or to state emphatically. To declare is to make known clearly and emphatically, sometimes in the face of actual or potential contradiction! This is called “declaring by faith”! I believe it’s time for us, as Christians, to stop begging and start declaring our prayers! Stop begging and pleading and whining in our prayers and start praying in faith! The Apostle James wrote in James 5:16 the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Praying with intensity of spirit and with passion avails much! That’s not begging, that’s declaring! We don’t have to scream and shout to pray an effectual, fervent prayer! God has no hearing problems and neither does the devil! So, as Jesus taught His disciples then, He teaches us today, to pray with expectation, declaration, to receive the manifestation. So, now when you pray, having faith, declare your prayer, saith the Lord!

Forever Following Jesus,

Pastor Gary Pittman


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