“Keep on Keeping On”

“Keep on Keeping On”

November, 2020

Today many of God’s people find themselves in a place of “depression”, “disappointment”, and “discouragement” because of “weariness”. Webster’s Dictionary defines “weary” as tired and worn out. Sound familiar? Having to battle day after day, day after day with all the “situations” and “circumstances” of everyday life and now having to deal with COVID and then battle the devil with all his lies and accusations, it just eventually “wears you out”! Concerning our unfulfilled “prophetic words”, the devil is quick and persistent to accuse the Lord of lying to us and then the devil tells us that “prophecy” isn’t real. Or he’ll tell us that we’ve done something wrong and God has cancelled that prophetic word. The devil is called “the accuser of the brethren” in Revelation 12:10. The devil accuses “God to us” and accuses “us to God”! But, the Lord if faithful! He is faithful to see that His spoken word will accomplish exactly what He said, Isaiah 55:11. I believe the battles have been hotter and the warfare more intense because the time is now very close in which the Lord will “manifest” or “bring forth” His prophetic promises to us. When these prophetic promises come forth “things” in our lives will drastically change! It’s not time to “sit and sulk” it’s time to “arise and shine” for the Glory of the Lord is coming and He’s going to do a “new thing”! It’s coming! So, shake yourself and put your “hope and trust” in the Lord and just “Keep on Keeping On”! – It’s coming!

Forever Following Jesus,

Pastor Gary Pittman


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