“In Times Like These”

“In Times Like These”

How many of you really realize that God loves you and has created you “on purpose” for “a purpose”? In times like these, with all the absolutely crazy circumstances and situations that we now find ourselves in, it seems so easy to become discouraged, depressed, and so easy to lose the vision or lose sight of “our purpose”! In times like these where everything looks so unsettled, uncertain, so terrible, so doom and gloom having to deal with the Corona Virus, with illegal aliens flooding into our nation by the thousands every day, also having to deal with a bunch of lunatic politicians in Washington, D.C. and in some state capitals who are strictly determined to pass illegal, idiotic unconstitutional and ungodly laws that will absolutely destroy this nation. These people now control our government, with control of the House, the Senate and the White House! God help us! Very simply, “their purpose” is to totally destroy forever the greatest nation God has ever allowed to exist on this planet! Is it perfect? No! Has there ever been a “perfect nation”? No! But look what this “imperfect nation” has done in less than 300 years to help, to give, to protect and to rescue and save other nations from tyranny, dictators, fascism, socialism, communism and terrorism! Yes, they certainly have “an agenda” and “a purpose” and yes, we certainly have “an agenda” and “a purpose”! God’s purpose in creating us is “our purpose” in life! The Apostle Paul revealed and defined “our purpose” in Romans 8:28-31 (please read). Notice in verse twenty-eight (28) “all things” means “in times like these” with all these problems and notice “who are called according to His purpose” that word “purpose” is the Greek word “prosthesis” which means something or someone that restores “purpose” A prosthetic foot, leg or arm “restores the purpose” of that missing foot, leg or arm. The rough times, the bad times in our lives try to remove our purpose, but God is the One who restores our purpose! So, in times like these our purpose is to not give up and not give in, to not compromise and become lukewarm, but to stand up for what we believe and to walk what we talk! Today, let us commit to be more committed to the Lord! Always remember we have to be not only as committed but even be more committed to “our purpose” than they are to “their purpose” especially now “In Times Like These”!

Forever Following Jesus,

Pastor Gary Pittman


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