“God’s New Normal”

“God’s New Normal”

The Lord had been so faithful to “speak to us” and even “warn us” prophetically of things that were to come.   For several years now, and especially last year in 2019, we’ve heard the Lord speak of “Great Shaking”, “Great Change”, and things happening that we’ve “never seen” before, things that we’ve “never heard of” before and things we’ve “never even thought” could ever happen, are now beginning to happen right before our eyes, just like He said.   We now hear “unbelievers” and “people on the left” and the “Democratically biased news media” telling us that what we are experiencing now in our “daily lives” as we battle this virus is now our “new normal”.   Such things as “the masks”, “the social distancing”, the “stay at home” orders, “no church gatherings”, “no toilet paper”, “empty grocery shelves”, “no sit-down restaurants”, “no sports”, “no work, “no traveling”, “no airlines”, and “no Cades Cove” – I don’t know about you, but I am “not satisfied” with this as our “new normal” and neither is the Lord, but this certainly “was and is” a “sign”, and a “wake-up call” for us all!   This “virus situation” “was and is” a “shaking” and a “shaking” always causes a “change”!   Yes, a “new normal” is surely coming, but not that kind of “new normal”!   Most people believe because of what they hear on the television news that this “new normal” is going to be something “much less” than what we had before this “coronavirus”.   I “personally” and “prophetically” believe our actual “new normal”, which will actually be “God’s New Normal” and will be something “much more”, “much, much, more” than what we had before!   That’s the “new normal” I’m looking for! “God’s New Normal”!   Today, we’re living through the time of “a sign”, “a wake-up call”, “a warning” and a “shaking”! So, let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches, “what we are experiencing today “is not” “the new normal”!   Today, right now, is the time for “repentance”, “humility”, “obedience”, and “submission” unto the Lord!   Let us now return to our “First Love” with all our heart for He is coming to “show us” and “share with us” His Glory!   “The greatest revival and ingathering” this world has ever seen and will ever see is coming quickly now! PRAISE GOD!  

Forever Following Jesus,

Gary D. Pittman, Pastor  


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