“Bury It”

“Bury It”

This message deals with a “natural event” that reveals a “spiritual principle”. Exodus 12:29-38 describes Israel’s exit from Egypt led by Moses and Aaron. It’s recorded that those who left Egypt were 600,000 men, plus women, plus children, plus the mixed multitude of Egyptians and those of other countries that were living in Egypt. Some Bible scholars say the total number of people could have been as much as six million that left Egypt. The Lord solved the problem of the Red Sea and Pharaohs’ army and continued to meet Israel’s needs for forty years as they wandered in the wilderness. The problems of food and water God solved by giving them water from The Rock and food from Heaven. Their clothes never wore out and their shoes grew as their feet grew for forty years. But what about the trash? The trash from six million people plus all the livestock! Today, there’s still no physical evidence of Israel’s forty years in the wilderness. No bones, no broken pottery and no trash – why? According to the principles given in the Book of Leviticus, Israel was directed to “burn or bury” all trash. What do we still do today with our trash? We either burn it or bury it! Once its out of sight, it’s out of mind! Has anybody reading this had any “trash” in their lives or had a “past” that’s had some trash in it? We may be products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of our past! We can’t continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by our memories! Notice this, God provided everything for Israel in the wilderness, but He didn’t bury their trash! They had to do it themselves! We have to finally decide to lay it down and bury it! Stinky, unwanted things that happened to us in our past and also things that we did in our past. That which is dead needs to be buried and forgotten, once and for all! The Lord is not concerned with our past, He’s concerned about our future! I believe the Lord is saying to us, “It’s time to bury the trash! Bury it, forget it and walk away from it, once and for all!”

Forever Following Jesus,

Gary Pittman, Pastor


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